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Empowering Consumer Choice: The FCC's New Rules Against Unwanted Telemarketing Calls

During a recent hearing, the FCC voted to close a loop-hole to offer consumers greater protections from telephone solicitations and empowers consumers to have a say on what sort of offers they receive calls about. FCC Adopts New Rules.


The new FCC rule requires “one to one consent.” What does that mean? Before this new rule Lead-generation companies, or comparison-shopping sites would obtain “bulk consent” for you to receive calls from not only the generator, but also each of their “affiliates.”  Often times these “affiliates” included hundreds of companies most of which have nothing to do with what you were interested in.


For example, if you are researching plumbers in your area and are comparison shopping plumbing services, does not mean you want to be contacted by electricians, driveway pavers or solar panels for your roof.


This rule also requires that the content of the calls or text messages must be “logically and topically associated with the website where the consumer gave consent.”


This is definitely great news and a step in the right direction, but remember the new rules do not apply to calls made with a live caller on the line.  To ensure protections from any telemarketing calls, you should be sure your telephone number is on the National Do Not Call Registry. Additionally, many states, including Florida have a state Do Not Call list you may register for as well. Florida Do Not Call list.


If you are receiving telemarketing calls and text messages, from legitimate companies, without your consent or are registered on the Do Not Call list and are still receiving telemarketing calls, give us a call.*




*If you are receiving scam calls, it is unlikely we will be able to take legal actions, but be sure to report them to your local attorney general and other relevant state commissioners.  State Attorney Generals often combine efforts with law enforcement to track down these scammers. Florida Department of Agriculture: Telemarketing Fraud


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