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In Florida we have a powerful consumer protection law that prohibits any type of debt collection harassment. There is no exact definition of “harassment” however unless the person collecting the debt is “being nice” then it’s probably a violation of the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act (FCCPA), [Click Here for Summary]. Collection harassment not only includes calling family, friends or work but also collecting any amount of money you do not owe.

You may be entitled emotional, statutory and punitive damages in the law has been broken plus the violators pay all our attorney fees and cost.

Howard obtained a punitive damages jury verdict against a nation-wide debt collector, one of the very few in the country. If you’re considering another lawyer to represent you in a debt collection case ask them if they have been to trial and received a jury verdict or more importantly a punitive damages award. Our team obtained the highest emotional damages award on record in Florida’s history.

Howard has been referred to as the “Godfather” of consumer protection and has been lead counsel in over 1000 debt collection harassment cases. Approximately 99% of those cases settled prior to trial.

The Consumer Protection Firm has the most accomplished lawyers in the field of collection harassment. We harass the harassers.

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