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The Consumer Protection Firm is proud of our track record of success in court. We have won cases that have had a significant impact on the law and on the lives of our clients. We will do everything possible to win your case, and we will always put your interests first.


Sawyer v. Intermex Wire Transfer, LLC

Settlement Amount: $3,250,000
Unsolicited Texts

In this case, Plaintiff Sueanne Swaney sued the Defendant Regions Bank on alleged violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991.


Swaney v. Regions Bank

Settlement Amount: $2,805,200
Unwanted Robocalls


De Leon v. Bank of America, N.A.

Settlement Amount: $10,000,000
Illegal Late Fees


McCaskill v. Navient

Settlement Amount: $363,500
Unwanted Robocalls

McCaskill told Navient it had the wrong number and it did not have his consent to call him or his mother. Navient violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by  repeatedly calling McCaskill in a nonconsensual manor.

Concrete Wall

One of our #1 targets are telemarketing cases in violation of Florida’s laws. Click the links below to read more on one of our most recent famous telemarketing cases and how we helped our client win.


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