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Need to know what to do if a scammer calls? Call the police! The police track and are aware of the big scammers and your information may help. Get as much information from the scammer as you can, such as their name, physical address, telephone number and website. Report these people to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Most “scammers” are simply harmless scam artists that want to get things like your social security number and bank account information. Obviously never give this information to anyone over the phone unless you are 100% who they are and you trust them. Tell these scammers that you have a lawyer (feel free to give them our firm name) and know your rights and to stop calling.

Don’t be scared to answer your phone. These scammers are typically just looking for people that are gullible enough to give them money or their personal information and once they know that you are somebody who is willing to fight back they will go away, just like the cowardly bullies they are. If they have some of your personal information its always a good idea to call and write your bank and let them know.

If you want to find out if a telephone number that is calling you is a scammer then call it back and ask for their information. If they won’t give it to you then they are almost certainly a scammer. You can also look up the number they are calling on the internet with search engines like Google or on websites like New scammers pop up every day but the good news is that many people are complaining online and to the authorities. The more people that complain the quicker the scammers go away.

The problem with “scammers” is there is nobody to really sue and if we eventually track them down they have no money. [Mr. Howard did a story on Inside Edition where the scammers we tracked down to a mail box in a third world country]


If you have a telephone number our firm will research the number for you for free [just like our free consultation for any case].

The bottom-line when dealing with a potential scammer is to get their information but never give them yours. Don’t be afraid to tell scammers that you are going to sue them and you are going to report them. Stand up for your rights. Let’s fight the scammers together!

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