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Billy Howard obtained a civil theft verdict for $1,000,000 right out of law school. This was his first case, where an evil couple named Don and Ruth Owens stole $1,000,000 from their Winter Haven neighbor and friend. At trial their lies and criminal conduct was exposed. The judge awarded one million dollars –although he could have—awarded triple damages.

Civil Theft is a powerful tool when fighting crooks and bullies. Not only can you recover the amount stolen but you can get triple the amount stolen and have the thieves pay all the attorney fees and cost of litigation, which is many instances can be substantial.

Typically, the amount stolen is less than a million and is more in the neighborhood of a few thousand. Our firm handles these types of cases all the time, i.e. a bank allows fraudulent credit card charges or another company refuses to pay back money. Companies and people often steal small amounts because they think it will cost the victim more money to hire a lawyer than the amount stolen. However, what they don’t know is in Florida we have a civil theft statute that states the thieves have 30 days to give back the money or they could end up paying triple what they took and my attorney fees which are close to a $1000 per hour. Want to fight over money stolen? We are ready!

You can find an example civil theft letter below. 

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