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The Consumer Protection Firm was the first in the country to file a class action complaint concerning college apartment companies refusing to return money to students and trying to profit from the COVID-19 pandemic. We now have numerous similar lawsuits. ABC News just did a story on one of these class action cases [Click Here]. We also recently filed a class action lawsuit for nurses nation-wide for refusal to return funds for a cruise that was cancelled, captioned Kenneth Combs Jr. v NurseCon at Sea & Royal Caribbean, which was picked up by TMZ.

A class action is a type of lawsuit where a collective of individuals that suffered similar damages can be represented by one or more people against large corporations. We recently settled robocall class actions against: Walmart, Region’s Bank, Macy’s and a large multi-nation wiring company named Intermex. These settlements will results in over 11 million dollars going to class members and to help stop illegal and unwanted robocalls. Class actions can be particularly beneficial to consumers throughout our country as they allow recoveries to people (class members) who could not find a lawyer to protect their rights.

Collective actions are the most effective tools in our legal system to deter large corporations from their illegal behavior that affect thousands or even millions of people. Class representatives receive the same relief as the other class members but also are usually entitled to cash “service awards” for being the class representative – the point person – and for representing the other potential class members. Being a class representative is a great opportunity to hold law breakers accountable for their nation-wide disregard for our country’s laws. If you are interested in participating in a class action, please contact us today for assistance.

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