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You may be entitled to up to $25,000 if you are the first person to help us investigate and stop a data breach.

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The personal and sensitive personal data of as many as 800,000 Jackson National Life Insurance Company ("Jackson National") customers was compromised when hackers carried out a data breach through a vulnerability in software used by PBI Research Services, a vendor of Jackson National. Now, customers' confidential information may be in the hands of criminals who may use the stolen data to commit identity theft and other frauds. A data breach occurs when sensitive or confidential information is accessed, stolen or used without authorization. In many cases, this can result in identity theft, financial loss and other serious consequences for affected individuals. Data breaches are very serious and courts, like us, want to stop them as soon as possible. It appears a bad actor stole personal information from Jackson.

If you help us stop this breach, you could be entitled to an incentive award by the court, which typically happens when we are the first to file the case. With our last two class actions, the plaintiffs were awarded $15,000 each. Last year our client and all the other class action members in a data breach were awarded up to $25,000.

At The Consumer Protection Firm, we’re committed to helping people understand the legal implications of data breaches and the role of consumer protection in mitigating their effects.

On June 26, 2023, Jackson National Life Insurance Company filed official documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission outlining a third-party data breach affecting consumers nationwide. In this filing, Jackson National notes that the incident occurred at one of the company's vendors, PBI Research, which Jackson National uses to verify policyholder deaths to identify potential beneficiaries. PBI Research notified Jackson National that a vulnerability in the MOVEit file-transfer software allowed hackers to download confidential information belonging to Jackson National clients. Thus, Jackson National's computer system was not breached; however, this third-party breach affects the personal information of Jackson National customers.

According to Jackson's SEC filing, the incident affected as many as 800,000 customers.

Under state and federal law, businesses have a legal obligation to protect the personal information of their customers, which includes implementing reasonable security measures to safeguard data and notifying customers in the event of a breach. Failure to meet these obligations can result in significant legal and financial consequences, including lawsuits, regulatory fines and damage to the company's reputation. Our experienced attorneys work tirelessly to maximize your compensation and protect your future.

The Consumer Protection Firm charges nothing to consult we only get paid if we win, so call us now for a free consultation and review "What to do in the Aftermath of a Data Breach."


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