The Evil Empire of Debt Collectors

A long time ago (1977) in a Galaxy far, far, away (Tallahassee) ...

A Great Law passed against the Evil Empire (Debt Collectors). The Rebels (Consumers) in Florida, have a powerful law that prohibits collecting debts in any harassing manner, including calling too many times or collecting one penny not owed, and applies to any “person” such as banks, mortgage and credit card companies, medical facilities, and every other Debt Collector or evil creature in the Galaxy. 

Darth Vader wasn’t always on the Dark Side, the same cannot be said of Debt Collectors.

It is a corrupt desire for money and power that is their motivation. They try to choke money out of people that don’t owe or can’t afford to pay because of more important matters such as food, shelter and medicine. There is no scene in STAR WARS where Darth Vader and the evil leaders gather to ponder what’s right but only meetings on how to crush the Rebels. Just like the Sith Lords, Debt Collectors don’t try to treat their customers better.  For Debt Collectors there is no try, there is only do what is wrong. Plot day and night, they do, to steal money and harass people as cheaply as possible. This corrupt desire for money has led to the #1 complaint in America today, unwanted Robo-calls.

The Ultimate Weapon created it has been, by the Dark Side and it’s called the “Robo-blaster”. This is the real name of the Evil Empire’s robotic phone systems. A typical Robo-blaster can make 10,000,000 phone calls a day for less than a cent.    

Like the Death Star, with a push of a button millions of people are effected. There has been no better weapon created in the Galaxy to disintegrate a consumer’s will and coerce them into paying alleged debts out of fear the calls will continue. Harassing consumers by calling their cell phone 10-20 times a day despite the pleading for the calls to stop is their way, and just another day in the Evil Empire. 

The Evil Empire uses its vast resources to deploy armies of Clones and Storm Troopers (Debt Collection Attorneys). Lies, deceit and mistrust are their ways. Their desire for power has blinded them to both truth and honor. 

Hope, there is! The Great Law, known across the universe as the Collection Harassment law, in the hands of Jedi-Masters (Consumer Lawyers) can be wielded as effectively as any Lightsaber since it allows the Rebels to recover punitive damages, emotional damages, statutory damages, attorney fees and costs. The light side has never been stronger and justice never closer.

Join the Resistance, like so many other Rebels motivated by the Force to stand up for your rights, Strike Back and not only fight but make the Dark Side pay.

May the Force be with you!

(Click here to see Florida’s Great Law, known as the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act “FCCPA” and each of the 18 prohibited practices)

(See also HB 4550 which is the Debt Collection Attorneys’ real attempt to exempt themselves from our nation’s federal collection harassment laws, a move strikingly similar to some seen in the Galactic Senate)