Minions are small organisms who have been around since the beginning of time and exist only to serve history’s most Despicable Masters.  There is no better example of real life Minions in this world than those in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (USCC).  When people talk about how evil “special interest” groups are, they are talking about the USCC who serve the supervillains like the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries.


In their latest quest for finding the most visible villain to grovel to, it comes as no surprise, the USCC has now chosen Big Banks and Abusive Debt Collectors who target and harass our most vulnerable citizens with “Robo-calls.”

What is surprising, is that these Minions stole a video of my family that I had on my personal Facebook page and put it in a propaganda blog (Link) they made and then posted that blog back on my Facebook page.

These Minions’ blog is called “TCPA: Telephone Consumer Protection Act?  Or Total Cash for Plaintiffs’ Attorneys?” Ironically, they actually stole the title from a previous article.  Minions are good at stealing, but bad at thinking for themselves or telling the truth.  Their blog is nothing more than an attempt to make others believe, and perhaps even themselves, that big banks worth Trillions (with a capital “T”) and debt collectors and financial mega-companies worth hundreds of billions of dollars are somehow the victim in today’s Robo-calling epidemic. 

These Robo-bullies pocket billions each year by abusing and harassing people despite massive public outcry. 

Unfortunately, those targeted by the Robo-Bullies are often undereducated or otherwise disadvantaged.  In fact, unwanted Robo-calls are the #1 complaint in America today.  Almost 4 million consumers, last year, filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  The number of complaints is rapidly increasing and will probably quadruple this year, however these are only the ones that filed formal complaints with these two agencies, the actual numbers of those feeling harassed, abused or annoyed by unwanted Robo-calls each year is now over 100 million.

The Despicable USCC’s blog has more exaggerations and fantasy than most movie cartoons.  They claim it’s an old law meant to “protect people’s land line,” when the truth is, the United State Supreme Court recently stated the TCPA was meant to “protect people’s privacy” and this is especially true for calls to your cell phone. 

They also claim that Plaintiff lawyers are taking advantage of the “law’s outdated language.” The language of the TCPA is clear, companies must have someone’s “express consent” to Robo-call their cell phone; it’s really that easy. When Senator Hollings was writing the TCPA in 1991, he described Robo-callers as the “scourge of modern society.”   Those words were true then and even truer now.  They certainly are not outdated. 

The Minions go on with more jibber and jabber calling class action settlements “jackpot justice” which all good-guys know are code words for “we got caught and had to pay up.”  Here is an idea, go to court and let a jury of our peers decide.  Dish Network just did that and got crushed for 60 Million and the Judge exposed them for how they regularly disregard the law and lied.  (Link)  The fact is many class action settlements allow the bad guys to get off cheaply, escape jail and go back to their evil life of crime. 

The TCPA carries a minimum penalty of $500 Per Call for each illegal Robo-call which can be increased by a Judge to $1500 Per Call if it can be proven they broke the law “willfully” or “knowingly.” And you can “take it to the bank” that they are calling willfully and knowingly.  Big banks and abusive debt collectors know they are breaking the law and they know they can settle cheap and keep breaking the laws and make big bucks.  It’s far too tempting and too cheap (an average Robo-dialer can call 10 million people in one day for less than 1 penny) for the dark hearted Robo-harassers to bully people into paying money that can’t afford or don’t owe.  When they get caught in a non-class action lawsuit they pay hush-money by making everyone sign confidentialities and then go back to their villainous ways.  It’s simple, like so many bad guys, they place profits over people.  

When questioned as to why the Despicable USCC posted their blog on my Facebook page the response from one of their Minions named Curt was they were just “worried” about “small” businesses like Rubios.  Here’s a sneak peek into the real world the rest of us live in, they are worth over a billion dollars, that’s not a “small business.”   

If you want to see what a small business is, look at the videos of my firm with of my 3-year-old daughter, 4-year-old son, mom, step-dad and a few other co-workers.  See, that’s what a small business looks like.  And the beautiful thing is, I support my family pulling back the curtains and showing everyone what Despicable really looks like.

Despicable Me 3 comes out today.  Enjoy the movie, I bet there will be lessons to be learned.